Do you ship worldwide?

Not quite, but I will happily ship to the EU/UK in addition to Canada and the United States.

Do you accept returns?

It depends. If the pedal is damaged in transit or clearly not working on receipt, I will happily fix it and get it back to you as soon as possible. Shipping is on me in that case. If the pedal becomes non-functional at some point over the course of its life, I will fix it for free, but ask that you cover the shipping. If you just don't like the pedal, for whatever reason, well... dang. I'm too small an operation to be able to issue refunds in that case. I'm sure you understand.

Do you take custom orders?

Sure! Maybe? What do you have in mind? Click the "Contact" link up there ^ and tell me what you're looking for. Certainly I can do custom colors/knobs/lettering; that's easy. Custom circuits or tweaks... again, get in touch!

Where can I try your pedals?

At California Guitars in Belmont, CA!

Where are the demo videos?

I'm working on that. Soon!

Why can't I use a 9V battery with your pedals?

I strongly suggest finding a decent power supply with properly isolated outputs. Cioks are among the best out there, if you're not sure where to start. They're less expensive than most boutique pedals and definitely worth the investment.