LE Furballs and New Pedal

My wife and I have a pair of Scottish Folds, Kiku and Chippy. Given our fondness for our two furry friends, we thought it would be fun (and hilarious) to do an occasional limited edition run of "Furball" pedals -- various models with hand-painted cats. The very first, an Eidolon, turned out amazing. As of today, it's still available in the store!

10% of all proceeds on Furball pedals will be donated to Cat Town, a rescue shelter and adoption center here in Oakland. Send us your email address when you order one and we'll make the donation in your name. :-)

ALSO, here's a new thing!

Welcome to DSFX

Here we go! In addition to having launched this new site, I'm busy working on a few Eidolon and Vicuna builds this week. My wife is painting a very limited number of special edition enclosures for them. Are there any Simon's Cat fans among you? Yeah? Man, you guys are gonna love this. \m/

Otherwise, they'll be in standard "vintage orange sparkle" and "granny smith sparkle" and should go up in the store sometime next week. These are my desert island fuzz pedals. I have no other fuzz on my board.